Welcome To Honeycomb Home Care

Professional prenatal and postpartum support and education for new babies/mothers/families in Boston and surrounding towns

Easing the transition to parenthood and supporting you in the early months at home

*10% of all fees go into a pro-bono fund to cover services for families who cannot pay

Your calm, strong presence changed the atmosphere in our home as soon as you walked in the door! Thank you for passing on so much wisdom and knowledge.
— Charlene M.



For 24 years, I have provided parents with breastfeeding support, medical advice, and much-needed encouragement. Families I've visited have been as diverse as the questions I've helped to answer... all concerns are welcome! My goal is to help families manage the stress of parenthood and experience its profound joys and rewards . I can work with you both prenatally and/or during the early postpartum stages.

When I'm not busy with new mothers and babies, I play trombone in several local bands, produce art events in the Boston area, engage in social justice work, and take joy in parenting my own children and mentoring other young people.



Since 1994 I have worked as a prenatal and postpartum home visiting nurse. Before I became a nurse, I worked for 10 years in the field of early childhood education. I have many years of experience supporting women who are breastfeeding, (and breastfeeding my own children), and am a certified lactation educator. I also know that many mothers choose not to  breastfeed, and have helped parents combine breast and bottle feeding, or simply adjust to bottle feeding in a world that pressures us to breastfeed.


Why I Do this work

Parenting is the hardest work there is - a job we could never be truly prepared for. Your life has changed completely, and there's no manual! There are endless books, videos, and websites on every parenting topic, but these are unlikely to speak to our deepest insecurities, or provide the step by step instructions we often crave. This period when everything is new and unknown can cause great stress or fear for families. But I have seen how the right kind of guidance and support can transform this time into one of joy and fulfillment. Over the last 23 years I've had the privilege of being invited into new families' homes in this most vulnerable and poignant moment. This has become my passion, and I look forward to helping you and your family keep you baby - and yourselves - happy, healthy, and strong.



RN, New England Baptist Hospital School of Nursing

MEd with specialty in Early Childhood Education, Bank Street College of Education

AB in Comparative Literature, Brown University


Fluent in French and Spanish



You changed my outlook completely, from feeling like the rug was pulled out from under me to gaining some perspective on my new reality and feeling confident that I can keep adapting and be really good at this!
— Sarah S.
For my whole life I have been successful as a student and in my career as a scientist, but parenting a new baby doesn’t follow logical steps! You helped me keep my sense of humor, and regain a sense of control.
— Hani L.
As you know I was very hesitant to do this – didn’t think I needed it or it would be worthwhile. Boy was I wrong! Everyone needs support, teaching, information, understanding…and you really got it – thank you from the bottom of my heart!
— Alex T.