I can’t thank you enough – I was really struggling with depression and anxiety on day 3 at home, and ashamed to admit it; I never would have brought it up but you did in such a humane and normalizing way. You saved my life!
— Taniq'ua S.
You gave me confidence, and helped me laugh and feel the joy of being a new parent (when I felt like crying!)
— Asako K.
You are such an expert in all things new parent! And you connected deeply with both of us moms so seamlessly and respectfully. You are a rare human and an amazing teacher.
— Harriet and Suzie W.
After just one visit I feel organized and competent (after feeling totally disorganized and overwhelmed). You taught us many “tricks” and gave us great information, and also just put it all in perspective.
— Katy D.
Thank you for encouraging my husband to join in the conversation; everyone else has ignored him while the whole focus has been on me and the baby. This was very important for both of us.
— Maria K.
After a really traumatic birth, I so appreciated being encouraged to just cry, and grieve – what an important word you used! And the idea of keeping a journal was so helpful. As was the meditation. I’ve even started doing very short meditations on my own.
— Cherie S.
I wasn’t sure if I needed this help – but boy did I! I really think everyone needs this. As a third time mom I thought I had it all figured out but it’s so different each time. Plus then you need to manage the multiple children…Thank you for your patient, kind, non-judgemental care.
— Tanya B.
Your calm, strong presence changed the atmosphere in our home as soon as you walked in the door! Thank you for passing on so much wisdom and knowledge.
— Charlie M.